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Who We Are

Meet our Company

The IOSIFIDIS GROUP is a widespread and well-established manufacturing company of stainless-steel machinery and spare parts, which mainly operates in the sector of the food industry. Through our experience we can recommend and create solutions and products that perfectly fit your company and brand-name. Feel free to explore various ideas in our existing portfolio and do not hesitate to contact us, to discuss the idealized custom–made proposal exclusively for you and your product.

The success of our customers is also the foundation of our success. Listening to our customers, understanding their needs and finding new and even better solutions together: this is our belief, the motivational force that drives us all on IOSIFIDIS GROUP to achieve maximum performance over and over again. We want to inspire you every day. Through uncompromising quality, cutting-edge innovations and excellent service. We are satisfied only when our customers are. IOSIFIDIS GROUP to achieve top performance again and again. We want to inspire you every day. Through uncompromising quality, cutting-edge innovations and excellent service to us. We are satisfied only when our customers.

Our Story

From a family company into a leading manufacturing company.

IOSIFIDIS GROUP is engaged in the manufacture of stainless-steel machinery and spare parts for more than 50 years. Over the years, we have been established as a market leader in the manufacture of stainless-steel machinery of food industry and as one of the leading providers in different sectors of steel structures.

Establishment of a workshop by Prodromos Iosifidis and his sons, Leonidas & Savvas Iosifidis, based in Thessaloniki and with initial activity of manufacturing various types of spare parts, under the name IOSIFIDIS GP.

Expansion of the company into the activity of manufacturing food machinery such as conveyor belts, fruit peelers (dry peeling), fruit size sorting machines, spare parts for cutting machines and seamer machines. Now the company is only focused on the manufacture of machinery and spare parts for the food industry and under a new name, Iosifidis Prodromos Sons G.P.

Gradual growth of the company and expansion of the privately owned facilities in Thessaloniki with the creation of an additional 1000m².

In the years that followed, the company continued to develop, occupying a leading role in the manufacture of machinery and spare parts in the Greek market, such as integrated fruit processing lines, vegetable processing lines, fish processing lines, etc.

Construction of a modern factory in the area of Giannitsa, Pella, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, and under the name of Leonidas and Savvas Iosifidis O.E..

Having established itself in the Greek market as a trusted partner for the food industry, IOSIFIDIS GROUP begins to target markets outside its borders. Now the 3rd generation of the family has joined the company, which aims to further develop it.

Since then, faithfully supporting the primary vision of the company and giving basis to the continuous development of the experienced human resources, the in-company training of the employees and the continuous investment in new mechanical equipment, the company has expanded with partnerships in Europe,Balkans and South America.

The company is making a major new investment for its production line, with the addition of a G-CUT 4010 CNC hydraulic shear, a G-BEND Plus 4290 CNC press brake, a DMG four-axis CNC milling machine center, three new 3D modeling licenses (3D CAD CAM) and various KEMPPI welding machines.

Today, the IOSIFIDIS GROUP,is a company leader in the contemporary industry, being the only company in the area, which manufactures both machinery and spare parts.

Our vision

We aim

... in timeless relationships of trust with our customers.


... with uncompromising quality, pioneering innovations and exceptional service, being a high-tech leader.

We offer

... innovative and modern integrated solutions.

We want

... to be the leading partner for the food industry in its entire scope.

We create

... our customers to achieve the best possible results in efficiency and quality. We focus on delivering innovative solutions as sustainably as possible.

Our Values

We are a solutions provider. Market leader. Innovations and trends.

Being a family company, we know what it means responsibility for future generations and so that's why, in the IOSIFIDIS GROUP we are working on innovative, technical solutions for more than 50 years. We are already facing the challenges of tomorrow, today. Based on the modernization of our products and providing innovative solutions to customers and partners, we have a well-staffed Research and Development department, which implements the most modern and innovative techniques, with the aim of more effective and efficient service to our customers, offering reliable solutions at a fair price-performance ratio. The team of the department dealing with not only the design and development of new innovative products, but also with the continuous improvement of existing, in accordance with the advancement of technology and the increasing demands of modern construction.

Reliability and safety of food products.

We design our machines with the primary goal of quality, reliability and safety of food processing machinery. Our reliability is for us above all else and we base it on the quality of our products, building strong established relationships of mutual trust with our customers. That is why at IOSIFIDIS GROUP we work daily, methodically and systematically to constantly improve the quality of the machines and spare parts we offer to our customers.

We invest in our Human Resources.

The IOSIFIDIS GROUP it's mainly the people and the strains of a dynamic and dedicated team of workers with high technical expertise and many years of experience in the industrial production of food machinery, all of which contribute in a decisive way, to the development, validity, quality, and reliability of the company. That is why in IOSIFIDIS GROUP we recognize that our people are the heart of our action and an integral element of our corporate philosophy. Our primary concern is the continuous development of our human resources, within, of course, by the modern education of our employees and the possibility that we're giving them to certify their knowledge through specialized seminars and training. Industrial automation, robotic systems, quality control and handling for food processing machinery are just a few of them. In this context, we apply a comprehensive Strategy for the Development of Human Resources by combining good practices, in accordance with international standards, by implementing a reliable system of corporate governance principles.